In December of 2000 renovation work on the main building and power plant started. The main building was converted into 46 two-story townhome-type units and 24 one-story apartments. Elevator towers were gutted and framed to become living rooms. The power plant building was converted into the Hanover Fire Department Museum. The buildings were in a dilapidated state when Harkins Builders received them. They had been exposed to the elements for over twenty year. Most of the windows were broken, debris and trash littered the grounds, and the majority of the wood floors in the building were rotten from rain water damage. Harkins, in conjunction with the owner, Pennrose Properties, successfully developed the building into a beautiful structure that provides affordable housing for more than 70 families. Below are photos of the restoration process courtesy of Harkin Builders. Click on the links below to view the various photo galleries.

December 2000 thru January 20001 | February 2001 thru March 2001 | April 2001 thru August 2001 | September 2001 thru November 2001

December 2000 thru January 2001



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